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Jeff Webb is an acclaimed entrepreneur, author, and business leader from Shelby County, Tennessee. Webb is the president of the International Cheer Union and the founder and former CEO of Varsity Brands. Elsewhere, the acclaimed entrepreneur is a senior editor of the Washington, D.C.-based news and analysis website Human Events.

The business leader has been featured extensively in prominent publications, including Entrepreneur, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal. As an author, he has written several best-selling books, including American Restoration: How to Unshackle the Great Middle Class.

Outside of his work, Webb is a keen conservationist and philanthropist. He also enjoys numerous hobbies and interests, including boating, duck hunting, and one-wheeling.

Current Roles in International Cheer Union

Webb is the founder and president of the International Cheer Union. The International Cheer Union is the cheerleading world governing body. The organization was recognized as the world governing body for the sport in 2016.

Also known simply as Cheer, the International Cheer Union was established in 2004. Founder Jeff Webb became the organization's president three years later in 2007, having previously been involved with the National Cheerleaders Association and the Universal Cheerleading Association.

Cheer serves more than 7.5 million athletes worldwide. Under president and founder Webb, the organization is a proud member of the Association for International Sports for All member. The International Cheer Union is registered as a nonprofit international governing entity. Its purpose and mission are to advance the sport of cheerleading.

Human Events

Webb is the senior news editor of the website Human Events. Human Events is a long-time Washington, D.C.-based news and analysis outlet. It takes its name from the first sentence of the United States Declaration of Independence. Entrepreneur, author, and business leader Webb joined Human Events as its senior news editor in 2020.

Its founders established Human Events in 1944 as a print newspaper. It became a digital-only publication in 2013. In addition to being its senior news editor, Webb co-publishes the website alongside executive opinion editor Will Chamberlain.

Co-publisher Webb spearheaded Human Events' takeover of the Canadian online news magazine, The Post Millennial, in 2022.

Career History at Varsity Brands

Jeff Webb, Varsity Brands founder and former CEO, established the company's predecessor, Varsity Spirit, in 1974. Varsity Spirit now exists under the Varsity Brands parent company. Webb served as Varsity Brands' CEO until 2018. He then remained at the company as its chairman until 2020.

Memphis, Tennessee-based Varsity Spirit is a global leader in cheerleading, dance teams, and performing arts innovation. More than a million athletes now interact with Varsity Spirit annually through its educational camps, competitions, and other events.

Webb left Varsity Spirit and its parent company Varsity Brands, to focus on the International Cheer Union and other endeavours, including Human Events.

Herff Jones

Webb served as chairman of Herff Jones until 2020. The company, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is closely involved in top-level college and professional sports, including cheerleading. It is best known for manufacturing and selling educational recognition products and achievement-focused motivational materials.

Webb, the chairman, assumed his chairperson position in 2014 following Varsity Brands' acquisition of the company in the previous year.

Academic History

Jeff Webb studied at the University of Oklahoma, a prominent public research university based south of Oklahoma City in Norman, the so-called Sooner State's third-largest city. Founded in 1890, it boasts a significant university experience in a private college setting. The school has three locations in Oklahoma and offers study-abroad opportunities at several overseas campuses.

Webb earned his bachelor's degree in political science and government from the University of Oklahoma. While enrolled at the school, he became an active campus leader and was closely involved with the institution's cheer squad. This involvement led to him working for the National Cheerleaders Association while still a student at the university.

After completing his studies at the University of Oklahoma, Webb remained involved with the National Cheerleaders Association. His ongoing work alongside the association would ultimately launch his business career. He subsequently left the National Cheerleaders Association to establish the Universal Cheerleading Association and the Varsity Brands precursor, Varsity Spirit.

Charitable Involvement

Acclaimed entrepreneur, author, and business leader Jeff Webb is a passionate philanthropist. He has worked closely with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for over a decade. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital leads how the world understands, treats, and defeats childhood cancers and other life-threatening illnesses.

He has also worked extensively with the Special Olympics organization. The Special Olympics organization is the world's largest sporting association. It caters to disabled children and adults with year-round training and activities. It currently serves over five million participants in over 170 countries globally.

Previously, Webb was a long-standing supporter of the since-discontinued Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon. The annual telethon raised much-needed funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The nonprofit Muscular Dystrophy Association remains committed to working to support those living with neuromuscular diseases.


Perhaps more so than any other individual, Webb is credited with helping to advance and further develop cheerleading as a sport. He is also responsible for securing cheerleading as an official Olympic discipline. He remains widely regarded as a leader within cheerleading globally and continues to be celebrated for having cemented international recognition of the sport.

As an author, Jeff Webb is the name behind the best-selling book American Restoration: How to Unshackle the Great Middle Class. The 192-page book covers the author's work turning cheerleading into an internationally recognized sport. It also outlines several steps proposed by the author as required to unlock the potential of the American middle class.

Personal Interests

Jeff enjoys many personal hobbies and other interests outside his work as an entrepreneur, author, business leader, and philanthropist. These hobbies and interests include boating, conservation, duck hunting, and one-wheeling.

Father-of-two Webb spends as much time with his close friends and family. He was born and raised in Shelby County, Tennessee. He remains settled in the Volunteer State today, where he lives in Memphis on the Mississippi River with his Labrador Retriever dog.


Jeff Webb